Team: High Buns!

Team: High Buns!

7 reasons why the High Bun is so fabulous!

1. It’s easy. There are some people who just can’t style their hair. They depend on their stylists for everything. This has to be the easiest style next to wearing your hair down. It’s not rocket science.

2. You will stand out. Don’t know if you caught the Miss Universe pageant last month, but I knew from the jump that Miss Angola would take the crown even before the show started. Did you notice how she was the only finalist with a high bun?

3. It shows off your bone structure. Too much hair on your face hides features like your jaw line and cheekbones. Slick that hair up and be fierce!

4. It’s elegant.

5. It’s casual-chic. Not just meant for a fancy night out, the high bun adds that extra “umph” on a casual day.

6. You can mess it up and still look cute. Are messy braids cute? Twists? Weaves? Ok you get the point.

7. Makes for a great protective style. In everything I do with my hair, I think of its health. When my ends are tucked in, they aren’t exposed to the elements or rubbing on my clothes. The high bun is an easy way to retain your length!

Who wore it best? #highbuns

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