Double What?

Double What?

Many contend that double drawn virgin hair is superior to single drawn virgin hair for use in quality human hair extensions. That is because while single virgin hair is put together by machine, double drawn is pieced together by hand. Though piecing it together by hand could lead to a slight amount of error, it is also far more precise than using a machine.

Single Drawn Hair vs. Double Drawn Hair

The difference between single drawn hair and double drawn hair is basically just in their assembly; Single drawn is assembled by machine, and double drawn is assembled by hand. In addition, single drawn hair is shaved from the head. Single drawn virgin human hair is shaved directly at the scalp and while it is sold as a certain length, there will be some variation in actual length of this hair. Different strands may have a difference in length, typically about two inches.

Double drawn virgin human hair is considered to be of a higher quality and is more expensive than single drawn. This is because double drawn virgin human hair is made up of hair locks that are all of equal lengths. This is because they are arranged by human hands, are of higher quality and are more time consuming than those done by machine.

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