Bedtime Haircare

Bedtime Haircare

When you go to bed you want to do three things: moisturize, twist or braid your hair, and wear a silk bonnet or sleep on silk pillow cases. Kinky ladies avoid these steps and not only will you suffer from a matted look, but you will end up with hair breakage. Develop a routine that is easy for you to follow to avoid this happening to you.

Moisturize- Generally speaking you will want to add moisture to your hair twice a day(This will vary from person to person). Use your favorite cream or butter to help stretch out those kinks, to prevent dryness, and to hold your twists or braids.

Twisting and Braiding- This is a step you definitely do not want to skip out on because it helps prevent tangles or the matting of your hair which can lead to breakage. Overtime continuously avoiding this step will cause breakage especially for women with coily – kinky hair.

Satin bonnet or silk pillow cases- Our hair breaks off when it comes in contact with cotton. The friction from its contact dries out our hair, which eventually leads to its breakage. Save yourself the pain of losing your hair and gear up at night.

Our lives are busy, whether it be work or school or a combination of both, but somehow you have to fit this into your schedule. It’s tempting to come come home and flop down in your bed or your sofa and just collapse but you gotta fight it. Before you find yourself feeling that sleepiness come over you head straight to your bathroom and get to work.

For your twists or braids they don’t have to be neat either. You can put in some big sloppy ones if you want, it doesn’t matter you are only doing this protect you hair. Caring for your hair at night is a step you do not want to skip out on if you want healthier hair and you want to retain length.

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Tiffany and the staff would like to thank you for taking the time to explore our Blog. Your stay with us will be an experience that will invigorate your attitude and boost your confidence, we are a multi cultural studio that can cater to the needs of all hair types. We pride ourselves on giving you the the best customer service and hair experience you will ever receive. We consider each client as an individual with his or her own needs and desires. We strive to fulfill those needs and desires with the best talent their is. Experience dedicated professionalism with our talented artists. Your appearance is their highest priority. Schedule your next appointment with us and you will find true satisfaction with any of the variety of services we offer.

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